natural killer cell
NK cells (natural killer cells)

Natural killer cells are a type of cytotoxic cells of the innate immune system that kill virus-infected cells and cancer cells, and they are a key factor in cancer immunosurveillance. Recent studies have shown that NK cells can professionally target and destroy cancer stem cells, the main cause of recurrence, progression, and metastasis of cancer. Now NK cell therapies would be a revolution in cancer treatment worldwide.


 Donor-derived allogeneic NK cells.

NiK Cell:

 donor-derived haploidentical NK cells


 UCB-HSC-derived NK cells


immunotherapy , a powerful new tool to kill cancer

3D -Cultur

Spheroids and multicellular spheroids are 3D cell culture models that are created as a spherical mass using 3D cell culture methods. Spheroids are better models for in vitro forms of tumors than conventional 2D cell cultures.



NiK cells
NK cell based immunotherapy

NiK cell is an immunotherapy product that is designed to enhance your immune system for eradicating your cancer.